aspect_ratio   Building a 2D plotter (1m x 1m)

Jan 12, 2020

I built myself a 2D plotter mainly for generative art projects. It’s a mod of the WaterColorBot and is controlled by the EBB Driver board on a 1mx1m plotting area.

I was always fascinated by the axidraw plotters and what people achieve with it. Shipping of the original from EMS to Europe is quite expensive (plus taxes) and would be much less fun. I therefore decided to make my own giving more flexibility on dimensions and future upgrades.

This is what I ended up with:

It’s a cartesian plotter. Due to the rather big dimensions and cheap frame, I decided to use magnetic encoders I had from a previous project. The PID signals of the board thereby can control both x motors, the drivers are on the board directly attached to the motors improving accuracy.


  • A frame from aliexpress (GK1010Pro) that ships all parts of aluminium for 240€
  • The Eibotboard controller for approx 30€
  • 3 magentic encoders for NEMA 17. I use the uStepper just because I couldn’t use them for the hangprinter (arrived to late for 35C3). Paid around 35€ each.

Happy to add more details on request and as soon I have printed more…

It plots with acrylic colors

or regular pens


Handheld inkjet printer

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