settings_remote   Amazon 4K Fire TV stick without Alexa

Jan 11, 2020

I got a 4K amazon stick as a present, which unfortunately comes with an always on microphone by default. I ripped out the microphone which works fine now.

Up until now, I used to stream with an old mini-computer running linux mint but the resolution and performance was slowly fading out of the acceptable range. So the new amazon stick seemed to be a low maintenance, convenient method albeit not preferable neither from a privacy nor security perspective. Of course streaming services track what you stream but I didn’t want to introduce an always spying microphone into my home.

Using this tutorial, where i78iy disabled the microphone from an older version, I thought I’ll try myself.

Opening the remote was not that hard and actually most of the work.

Afterwards I just clipped the microphone next to the ir-sensor. The remote snaps back together without the need to glue anything. Assuming there are no more hidden microphones (in the stick?) I guess it is not a listening device anymore.

I tested using the alexa button and the software is just endlessly listening never hearing more than static. Done.


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