Load shedding study


As a final year medical student in 2015 I was working in the Red Cross War Memorial Children's hospital in Cape Town, South Africa and surprised of the recurrent power shut downs called load shedding. I suspected a connection between load shedding and hospital admissions since I realized patients being admitted due to inuries that were clearly related to the lack of power.

After several iterations, and a lot of work of Michael Schomaker as the lead statistician, three years later we finally published our results of the influence of load shedding on hospital admissions.

You can find the paper behind the paywall: at Epidemiology or just contact me for a copy!

We were asked to make a video abstract for the journal.

The article has even been featured in the Saturday Star.

Mosaic pictures


My old interest in picture mosaics got revived by a image I saw in a gallery recently. I don’t like the idea to upload so many (potential private) photos on a server, so I didn’t look at any online services for that. I reactivated an old license of AndreaMosaic. I soon realized not having enough suitable pictures since I put the following constraints:

  • The individual pictures should still be visible
  • The pictures should not be manipulated by the software (except for a horizontal mirroring), I wanted the original pictures to be almost preserved.

Unsplash offers millions of nice copyright-free pictures. In order to download those pictures effectively I modified the Bulksplash script in order to circumvent the picture amount restriction by looping. The script is malfunctioning as unsplash only gives you about the same random pictures. Solution: I used the script several times throughout the day and cleaned duplicates with another program (I used the free “photos duplicate cleaner” from the app store). Code below.

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Moving things


After watching this talk at GPN18 from Niklas Fauth and Jan Henrik I decided to make my own "moving object". The video and the accompanying github page explains how to flash a cheap E-Board aka Hoverboard, that are self-balancing scooters like "Segways". In particular, I intended to make a transport platform for another project of mine (more on that later) in analogy to what the call "transOtter", controlled by a Gametrak. Read more…



Making a LED matrix may teach you a lot about programming, which took me way longer than expected. Mind the diameter of the wiring or they'll burn. The 2gb sd-card lying around is not enough. Read more…



Yesterday's storm with the fullspectrum camera - I guess not such a big difference though.

Edit: I added some more pictures. I really love those shapes - just hope I'll manage to get a tripod soon from my other place for that kind of pictures. I'm using an 760 nm pass filter btw. Read more…